Crypticcoin Zcash

Recently, Vitalik Buterin touched on ZCash’s privacy features terming them as game changing. The thing that stands out about ZCash’s privacy is that it makes use of zk-SNARKs, which entails the use of zero-knowledge cryptography. This form of cryptography allows for privacy in financial transactions because it doesn’t reveal details of the sender, the recipient, and the amount being sent. In a world where privacy is increasingly important to most people’s lives, this aspect to ZCash (ZEC) becomes an invaluable tool in blockchain. It eliminates the idea that privacy coins are a niche, and brings out their potential to become an integral part of the crypto ecosystem.

But it’s not just ZCash that makes use of Zero Knowledge cryptography, Crypticcoin is also implementing this technology.  Crypticcoin is using the ZeroCash protocol in anonymizing transactions. This means you can send anonymous transactions, including the amount being sent using Crypticcoin.  This is quite a feat for Crypticcoin, given that it still new in the market. The fact that they have achieved this is a sign of the huge potential that Crypticcoin has in the privacy coins market. Essentially, ZeroCash places Crypticcoin at the same level as top privacy coins such as ZCash, which makes it a high potential privacy coin.

CrypticCoin’s potential is also quite visible in the initiatives they have put in place for the research and development of the blockchain ecosystem. Crypticcoin is launching an education platform that aims to help the public understand blockchain better. This is a huge move, one that puts Crypticcoin at the same level as better-known cryptos such as XRP (XRP), which is also investing in education. This move goes to show that the Crypticcoin team is actually thinking long-term, in terms of the future of the project. That’s because for blockchain to gain adoption, the masses have to know about it. At this point most people only know about cryptocurrencies as speculative assets.  But once more people get to learn of the power of blockchain technology to change their lives, that’s when mass adoption will come.  In this case, Crypticcoin, through its education platform will play a huge role in the adoption of not just blockchain in general, but also for Crypticcoin. It will be massive when the masses know that it’s possible to send money completely anonymously, instantly, and at close to zero cost.

CrypticCoin’s huge potential is also enhanced by the fact it has its own blockchain. Most people don’t know this, but a good chunk of the cryptos in the market today are tokens. Charles Lee and Jared Tate, two crypto heavy weights, noted this a few days ago. Tokens have a bigger risk of going to zero than coins that have their own blockchains.  In essence, the fact that Crypticcoin has its own blockchain, and yet it’s still a relatively new coin is a plus to its overall value. It goes to show that it’s a solid project, one that is about to take the market by storm.

The best thing about Crypticcoin is that they are doing a free coin offering and not an ICO. The idea is to create a truly decentralized crypto, with a fair coin distribution. For a limited time, you can get yourself some free Crypticcoins. Simply visit their website and register with your email, and you will receive some free coins.