Ever since the TRON (TRX) mainnet was officially launched with the team behind TRX announcing the Independence Day for TRON as this digital asset had symbolically got its very own blockchain ecosystem with TRX being a native token, it is said that TRON is now stronger than ever.

Although TRON has declined to be traded as the 11th top currency, the TRX community was eagerly waiting for the release of TRON’s own virtual machine that was scheduled for launch on July 30th.

To confirm that TVM (Tron Virtual Machine) is set to be launched as previously scheduled, the team representatives have announced the release of TVM in an official post on Medium, making the launch official.

TRON Virtual Machine Out as Scheduled

In a post published on Medium by the TRX representatives, the community was notified about the first TRON virtual machine being launched on today’s date, July 30th, as previously announced with the Independence Day for TRON which took place over a month ago on June 25th.

The team representatives have announced that TVM is as of today available for testing within the Tron TRX community, as well as stating that the first TRX virtual machine will be on for public testing as of today.

In the announcement, the team has stated that the new virtual machine will be available for testing during the next 30 days, while the official version of the newly launched virtual machine will become available on August 30th after the public testing is completed.

The team has added that they will be launching the final version of TVM after having the mainnet upgrade completed prior to releasing the final version of TRX virtual machine.

To support the TVM testing, the team is set to provide a hub for all users to be able to report bugs and issues in the following month, if and when found in the first version of the virtual machine, which will further contribute to the development of the final version of TVM, where SR representatives are to craft out the beta version of TVM.

The team claims that the new VM is faster and more functional than Ethereum offering a wide range of tools for building decentralized applications with a wallet extension connected to the network for efficient Dapp creation and deployment.

In addition to announcing the release of the first TRON virtual machine, the team has also announced that 15 out of 27 Super Representatives have already been chosen with having a fair and transparent voting process.

One of the 15 SRs is, of course, Justin Sun, who has announced his candidacy not that long ago.

Alongside with bringing great news on the newly released TVM, TRON representatives have also mentioned their “secret project” related to BitTorrent.

TRON: BitTorrent Acquisition is Important

Justin Sun has stated that one of the most important moves towards making a decentralized ecosystem that would make up for the first decentralized internet lead by TRON foundation is strictly related to BitTorrent.

One of the main reasons for acquiring this file-sharing service is the fact that BitTorrent is set to support TRON in creating a massive decentralized ecosystem for all TRX users and beyond.

The team has also added in their official announcement that BitTorrent is narrowly related to the Secret Project Justin Sun mentioned before, further adding that they will have more details on the mentioned project by the end of August while having a dev plan already crafted for the 3 next months.

The team has also shared some integration plans with BitTorrent, claiming that TRON network will become an integral part of BitTorrent, that way collecting millions of BitTorrent users for the upcoming secret project. In addition to sharing some details on the secret project, the team also added that no mining operations will be integrated into BitTorrent, while BT users will have an improved file-sharing experience with TRON integrations.

To conclude their statement the team has added that the TVM launching marks the beginning of new development stage for TRON.

TRON in the Market

Although TVM is officially released as of July 30th, there are no visible improvements in the market price for TRX, as the asset is seen dropping against the dollar today.

Despite the tough currents in the market, the faithful TRX holders are expecting to see TRX go above the value of 1$ with the new developments, although the record price of TRON didn’t go further than around 0.20$.