The popularity of privacy coins seems to be on the rise with different digital coin platforms coming up with unique solutions. However, Groestlcoin (GRS) offers the user more than just private transactions; its transaction fee is near zero. How about a platform that offers a fee of between $0.000070 and $00007 per transactions with the variance being dictated by your choice exchange?

Groestlcoin architecture is similar to that of Bitcoin but uses Grøstl-512 mining protocol hence the coining of the coin name. However, the community feels the name needs rebranding to get a global appeal and become a peer-to-peer payment look digital coin outfit. This request is yet to be honored though.

What Makes Groestlcoin (GRS)   Better Privacy Coin

Groestlcoin has scored several firsts in the crypto verse despite offering one of the best value propositions; it is the first network to deploy the segregated witness (SegWit) as well as running the Lighting network on their mainnet to speed up transactions. This has given it thumbs up in low fees that will come in handy when the price of GRS shoots to the moon.

Transaction fees have been a key adoption determinant in crypto adoption. The lower the fee the more users will shift from traditional banking and money remittance service providers to crypto. This explains why the coin adoption at the moment is on the rise and users preference for a clean coin without hack history.

Groestlcoin has chosen Samourai as the best wallet feature that gives the use full control over their funds. The wallet feature is fully private and anonymous.  The wallet only lets users use their public addresses once.  The wallet comes with the popular Stealth Mode that enables the App disappear from your smartphone home screen or App list.

Why the Increasing Groestlcoin Adoption Lately?

The supportive Groestlcoin community has created the GroestlTip app on the platform that is tapping on the potential of video streaming. This makes it easier for user to integrate their live videos to the system. Viewers in return “vote” for their favorite videos through tips. You only get to pay the standard service fee and there are no more charges.

Unlike traditional gaming platforms that are out of reach for the ordinary live video streaming lovers, with the ecosystem, there are no downtimes. You only micro-pay for what you get; this is a new shift from traditional platforms where you pay and do not the desired experience.

Groestlcoin (GRS) Rebrand Voting and GRS Price Surge

In order to gain the global appeal it lacks, the Groestlcoin platform is seeking the much attention it deserves and re-branding appears to be the catalyst is has been lacking. The name has kept the coin in the dark and average users do not take pride in pronouncing it during trade.

It is up to the community to come up with an easy name that will reflect the vision of the network. Ideas have been floated by community members and once a settlement is reached, a new name for the outfit will be unveiled.  However, this has not affected the developer team progress as per the roadmap.

To vote for rebranding, you need to have a GRS wallet funded with at least one GRS. Each wallet has a yes or no option and with many users ready to vote, buying the coin has been on the rise since the beginning of July. This could turn out to be the moment the coin gains momentum to the next level.

At press time, Groestlcoin (GRS) coin price stood at $0.730932 after gaining 17.24% to the dollar and 16.24% to Bitcoin. The last 24 hour trading session has seen the coin hit a high of $65million in volumes with much of it being pushed to the market through UpBit and Binance with popular pairs being GRS/KRW and GRS/BTC.