Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is one of the top ten cryptos in accordance with the official ranking list currently taking the spot of the eight-best currency with Charles Hoskinson as the founder of IOHK.

Even though ADA is currently seen dropping against the dollar, we could see Cardano experiencing rises during the past 48 hours, mostly due to the most recent addition of ADA to one of the biggest exchanges in the market in accordance within the daily trading volume. In addition to increasing its visibility and the overall accessibility among the crypto community, it seems that Charles Hoskinson also has some big plans for Cardano and ADA, as per his latest announcement as stated in a session with EMURGO.

Cardano Available on a New Exchange: OKEx Announces ADA

What might be the main reason for the latest increased interest in Cardano, when observing the trading volumes of ADA in the last 48 hours, is the most recent announcement that Cardano has become available on one of the biggest exchange platforms for crypto in the market of digital assets.

It is commonly a case that any newly added assets will result in increased trading volumes with the newly added listing, as a result of the increased exposure and gaining momentum within the community.

This is especially the case if the listing is announced on a massive-scaled exchange platform like it is the case that ADA has been added to OKEx less than two days ago.

OKEx makes up for one of the biggest exchange platforms in the market, being ranked as the second largest exchange in the terms of daily trading volumes. The exchange is based in Hong Kong, promoting blockchain and crypto assets across one of the largest centers for blockchain investors – Hong Kong, Asia.

Asia is known to be one of the leading areas in the terms of accepting, utilizing and investing in blockchain technology, so having Cardano listed on OKEx means more potential investors, consequently leading to increased trading volumes, price boosts, and similar benevolent outcomes.

With the latest addition to OKEx, as announced by the official announcement from the representatives of the exchange, Cardano can now be traded on more than 10 exchange platforms, like UpBit, Bittrex, and HitBTC.

Charles Hoskinson on EMURGO: High Hopes and the Future of Cardano

Besides from getting listed on OKEx at the end of the last business week as announced by both Cardano representatives and OKEx, ADA gained momentum during Charles Hoskinson’s session with EMURGO.

During the initial session with the mentioned blockchain incubator, Hoskinson shared his hopes of having Cardano becoming “the first trillion dollar currency”.

Sharing this enthusiastic and bold statement, Hoskinson also added that in case Cardano would end up to become the first trillion dollar digital asset, or currency if preferred, it would mean that Cardano foundation has managed to successfully build a fully self-sustainable digital economy.

Further, on this subject, Cardano’s favorite representative among ADA followers stated that his main objective is to see ADA becoming massively adopted in the spirit of crossing the gap between fiat and digital currencies, where Cardano ecosystem would play a major role.

To conclude his story about the future of Cardano and ADA, the CEO and founder of Cardano project stressed out that in his opinion traders are mainly focused on purchasing BTC and other assets similar to Bitcoin in order to make a profit, while Cardano holders tie their faith to the further development of Cardano blockchain project, sharing their enthusiasm with Hoskinson, finally adding that his first trillion dollar asset goal cannot be solely a speculative statement.

However, only time will show if Cardano is to reach the expected proportions of further mass adoption.

Cardano: Technical Progress

With the latest update from the team, as released as a part of Cardano’s regular technical reports that come out once a week, on July 19th the team representatives have updates the public on their latest progress, stating that the team has been working on the new wallet, Daedalus.

The latest update of Daedalus is set to be released with the latest upcoming Cardano version 1.3.0, while resolving some minor issues that appeared within the application, deeming this problem as solved in their weekly report.

As judging by the interactive roadmap of ADA as visible on their official website, the next roadmap update should be released in a bit over than 9 days. Besides from working on Daedalus wallet and the newest version of Cardano ecosystem, the team has reported working on communication protocols, networking, test net genesis and more, which should altogether take Cardano and ADA closer to mass adoption and further useful integrations.