TRON (TRX) is still operating full steam although they have already completed an integral milestone for the further development of TRON ecosystem – launching TRON main net. After declaring the Independence Day for TRON and TRX with the release of the new main net network, TRON has announced Super Representative Elections, which represent another crucial event for TRON foundation.

While still having the SR Elections in progress, we can witness an interesting integration of TRX in Spain, showcasing only one of many utilization possibilities that TRON network and TRX can offer.

TRON Catching on as a Trend in Spain

It seems that TRX is slowly catching on as a current crypto trend in some cities in Spain as independent small businesses and entrepreneurs are slowly heading towards the adoption of TRON.

As of the most recent case, Justin Sun, the CEO, and founder of TRON foundation retweeted an interesting post where a cab user took a photo of a QR code for TRX wallet, stating that the cab driver, located in Spain, is accepting TRX as one of the payment methods.

The trend of integrating TRON (TRX) as a payment method in Spain doesn’t stop there as there is another small business accepting TRON. Apparently, a café restaurant called Ona, located in Malaga in Spain is accepting TRX as one of the available payment methods, which means that customers of this innovative business can pay for their breakfast, brunch, coffee and other delicacies available in this café with using their TRON units.

While this is only a single café in Spain, and only one cab driver accepting TRX for now, the news about these neat TRX payment method integrations could easily represent a prelude to a soon-to-become widely accepted trend, for now slowly being adopted in Spain, while also providing momentum for TRX.

Alongside having been related to new adoption integrations in Spain, Justin Sun has also updated the community on the matter of Super Representatives Elections.

Justin Sun Has Just Become One of the SR Candidates

What might come as a surprise (or not exactly) is the most recent turn out of events revolving around the Super Representative Elections. Apparently, Justin Sun has recently tweeted about becoming one of the SR candidates, embracing the opportunity and stressing out that he is proud to compete head to head with some amazing SR candidates.

On this occasion, Justin Sun also added in his official tweet post that all TRX holders should get involved in voting as it represents a very important event in the history of TRON.

The 27 Super Representatives will be chosen by the majority of votes as initiated by TRX holders, where more TRX units staked for voting means increased hegemony of a certain voter with more TRON tokens.

The Super Representatives will then become the driving force of the new TRON network, as they will be performing on-chain operations similar to what miners are doing, only without the need for mining blocks in order to verify and process transactions.

On the matter of becoming a candidate for one of the 27 SR who will also be paid for their services provided to the TRX network, Justin Sun stated that he believes that all community members will now be able to realize the importance of voting for SR candidates as he will be participating as well.

When you think about it, it seems logical to have Sun becoming one of the 27 chosen SRs, as he is the founder of TRON foundation, while the TRON CEO claims that the voting for the SRs will contribute to democratizing the network.

To preserve full transparency and pose fairness of the competition among the SR candidates, Justin Sun also added that over 33 billion TRX won’t that belong to TRON foundation won’t be supporting the voting process.

However, although the CEO and founder ofTRON (TRX) has shared his enthusiasm for joining the race for 27 SR spots while competing with a total of 60 candidates by far, some TRX holders don’t seem to be so happy about it.

That is how some of the community members are criticizing Sun for wanting to become one of the Super Representatives while running TRON foundation as the CEO and founder of the blockchain company, considering that all 27 places should be reserved for the public.

Whatever the opinion, it is most certainly the case that the fair voting with TRON (TRX) stakes will decide whether or not the TRON CEO will become one of the 27 Super Representatives of the new network.